The 3rd International Conference on Management Science and Software Engineering (ICMSSE 2023)

Call For Papers

ICMSSE 2023 conference seeks original, high-quality submissions which improve and further the knowledge related to all aspects of Management Science and software engineering, with an emphasis on implementations and experimental results. 

The conference topics are included, but not limited to:

Track 1. Management Science

• ERP Systems

• The Role of IT in Management

• Decision Support Systems

• Marketing Engineering and Management

• Entrepreneurship and SME Management

• Optimization and Optimal Management

• Value Engineering Management Analysis

• Data Mining and Knowledge Management

• Social Security and Emergency Management

• Strategic Management and Cognitive Decision

• Co-ordination Act and Project Management

• Financial Engineering and Risk Management

• Calculation Management Methods and Practice

• Public Administration and Social Management

• Human Resources and Performance Management

• Quality Management and Reliability Engineering

• Research on Macro-Management and Policies

• Technology Management, Innovation and Evaluation

• Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

• Logistics Engineering and Supply Chain Management

• Systems Theories and Practice of Management Information

• Project Investment Management Theories and Applications

• Management Science Methodology and Basic Research Methods

• Crisis / Disaster Control of Social Systems and Major Engineering Systems

Track 2. Software Engineering

• Methods and Techniques for Software Development

• Software Maintenance

• Requirements Engineering

• Object-Oriented Technologies

• Model-driven Architecture and Engineering

• Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering

• Software Reuse

• Software Management

• Model Engineering

• Software Architectures Design

• Frameworks and Design Patterns

• Architecture-Centered Development

• Component-based Design

• Middleware Components

• Software Quality

• Quality Management and Assurance

• Risk Analysis

• Program Analysis

• Verification and Validation

• Testing of Software Systems

• Software Project Management

• Software Evaluation